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English translation of ’vero’


/a [ˈvero]






The VERO X1 delivers an unprecedented combination of distance, accuracy, control, and feel. A ball that has it all. Vero means “true, genuine, authentic” and is the reason we selected it as the name of this incredible ball. No hype, no exaggeration, and no excuses. We’ve engineered and designed a ball unlike any other in the market. With an oversized core that uses a proprietary formulation and manufacturing process, along with a dense, high modulus, metal-infused mantle, OnCore has created the enhanced perimeter-weighted engine that results in the highest allowable velocity off the club face and distance that has to be seen to be believed. Adding a nano-engineered transition layer to manage the interface between the mantle and a thin cast urethane cover results in spin, control, and feel unlike any other ball.




Independent robotic testing confirms the VERO X1 delivers the greatest distance over a wide range of club head speeds and launch angles of any ball we've tested.


The high moment of inertia that our perimeter-weighted design delivers will have you hitting more fairways even when your club impact isn’t perfect or when you’re playing in windy conditions.


The 4-piece design lets you take full advantage of the soft urethane cover, delivering terrific spin for great wedge control around the greens.


Our nano-engineered interface layer creates the ideal combination of soft touch with firm responsiveness to every club in your bag.



From Tee to Green
The OnCore VERO X1 has such a great feel to it from tee to green. High launch angle with low spin off the tee makes sure that I'm getting the full distance with my driver. With my irons, I can feel the softer cover because my grooves are able to grip allowing for higher backspin which makes sure that my distance is more accurate. Around the greens and putting, it has a soft enough feel that you can be creative while still allowing you to control it with great precision. Couldn't be more excited to keep working with the VERO X1 and see the improvement in my game!
Armana Chanel Christianson
Armana Christianson
From Professional Golfer
Never Used a Better Ball
I've given it a good test in all kinds of conditions. I love the ball. I must say I've never used a better ball. The paint on it is outstanding, it's a little harder than the ELIXR ball. I just love putting with it and it gives a very nice click. You've got a ball that is outstanding!
Gary Player
From PGA Golf Legend
Game Changer for OnCore
I'm very proud to represent and be a part of the OnCore Golf team as their Canadian Brand Ambassador. The ELIXR is an amazing ball, lots of spin and distance. That is until I switched over to the new VERO X1 also from OnCore Golf. The first round I played this season with new sticks in the bag and a new ball has given me 20+ yards off the tee and this ball stops on a dime for me. No excess spin. OnCore Golf has hit another epic drive with the launch of this new VERO X1. Starting with the VERO X1, I highly recommend you get one of the many quality products they offer in your bag if you want to improve your game!
Jason Helman - LPGA Tour Coach
Jason Helman
From Professional Tour Coach





With the VERO X1

You Just Became a Better Golfer – Just Swing.

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